Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zimman's a fabric retail icon in New England.

It's the weekend and I'm in the mood to be inspired and visually stimulated. So I go to Zimman's! I know I won't be disappointed! If you wish to quench your tactile thirst and awaken your senses, browse through the many isles of the historic fabric retail gem.  Located in Lynn, Ma. since 1909 Zimman's is known for not only it's fine fabrics but it's wonderful furnishings and accessories. A great place for a Saturday morning jaunt!
 So many beautiful silks to choose from!
 A great assortment of urns!! Great for the holiday or anytime...I secretly wanted them all!

 Love this funky sofa!!
 So many goodies!
Go to Zimman's and let your imagination do the rest!
Congratulations Zimman's for winning the "Retailers Association of Massachusetts" award 2010!

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