Monday, December 19, 2011


He who has not Christmas in his heart
will never find it under a tree. ~Roy L. Smith
Create a place for your guest that sparkles!

A handmade  wreath by Karin Lidbeck Brent (@Klidbeck) 
for extra cheer!

Sending best wishes to you and yours!
Be safe and be merry!


Images via BHG

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Christmas tree pair makes for good space saving!

Every year I try to find new ways to void our small family room of feeling overwhelmed by a Christmas tree. The obvious is a narrow tree but year after year of searching for a slender tree can become daunting. Inevitably it would always appear slightly dinky at best. So this year I opted for TWO dinky trees! There's power in numbers!
The good news is, I actually found two trees that were pretty similar in size and shape. I trimmed heavily from the bottom up and then placed them into two new trash pails surrounded by stones to hold in place and create a well for watering.

By trimming heavily and getting rid of most of the girth, the trees appear to recede back.  Also with the trees set back, we gain additional floor space for gifts. Normally we would be tripping over encroaching presents but now with two placement options, everything fits tightly around each end of the hearth...a win win!

Fabric remnants hide the containers, a few branches from trimmings are placed on top to conceal the well. A few lights and ornaments...done!
I hope all of your Christmas preparations are going well!


On December 15th shortly after this post the pair of trees were selected by @abcddesigns@JonathanLegate & Kathryn Greeley on Design TV as worthy prize winners!  The prize: A signed copy of interior designer Kathryn Crisp Greeley's "The Collected Tabletop" Inspirations for Creative Entertaining. I'm truly honored!

Click on book to find out more!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Does your bed wear a tiara?

Today this came across my computer screen
& stopped me in my tracks!!

Christopher Guy via Modenus  provided me with the perfect example of fearless creativity. I love this headboard worn by a diva of the best kind. She wears her Christoper Guy's hand carved headboard like a tiara! Sporting her stole and ebony heels, I can almost hear her saying..."A great evening awaits!"

How could you not feel luxurious when your bed is dressed like this! I always think of the bed as an extension of my clients personality. Dress the bed as if it were a stylish friend. Well coordinated, elegant and comfortable, the bedding should be soft and luxurious to the touch. When selecting night tables and lamps think of them as the jewery/earrings if you will.

Formal attire is not required. The most casual bedrooms can still have a strong sense of style and elegance. A tight design that relates to the space will create harmony and balance no matter the style.

The master bedroom is the most important room in the house and often the most neglected. Put yourself first and create a sanctuary that rejuevenates and restores your spirit.

This elegant lady is definitely going to the opera!
Make your bedroom sing visually and fearlessly!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas decor reused & made NEW!

As we all know Thanksgiving is the official gate opener to the holiday season. The day after, typically known as Black Friday is like a day at the Kentucky Derby.  Just make sure your not standing too close to the tracks, pure madness can get you swept away as shoppers burst out of the gates looking for the next best deal. Closet decorators chomp at the bit snatching up the latest items to get their dibs on this seasons holiday trends!! Well this year I have decided to void myself of crazed consumption and try to keep things as simple as possible. For the first time we are not hanging lights on the exterior of the house, we are opting for battery lit candles and lanterns with a single candle in each window. Please don't misunderstand, I love a good light show but sometimes you feel the need to pause. This is my year. Due to this new revelation, I decided that a few lights on the inside would be much needed to keep the sparkle alive. In addition, my goal this year is to repurpose. Beyond purchasing a fresh wreath, a few greens and ribbon, let's see how far I can get with using things I already have.

The first area I'm going to start with is the wall directly across from the front entry and the first thing you see as you enter.  This wall has had many looks over the years. One reason is simply, it is such a small area that I can easily revamp it when I get the urge. I get lots of urges!

After removing all the existing items with the exception of a little blue box. I began to string lights on this basic wreath. I used ribbon and ornaments I saved from the prior year to decorate it.

Simple and easy.

These silver metallic malleable branches come in quite handy. I use them differently every year. They are a simple solution to frame out the wreath and add additional texture. I also hung a few small ornaments on them as well.

The wreath was hung using additional ribbon and a small crystal wreath to adorn the top.



I used a beautiful Wedgwood box I had for stacking and interest, some extra greens and a few candles. Done!


Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thankful start to a new holiday season!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just days away! I don't know about you but as the time draws near I can start to smell the turkey with the anticipation of a busy kitchen filled with stories and lots of laughter. Although I have always enjoyed this holiday, I have a heightened appreciation lately. It is one of the few holidays were most people no matter what your religion or ethnicity can come together and celebrate collectively.

Today there is so much fear to always be so politically correct as not to offend. Yes, it is good to a point but as a country why are we so afraid to broaden and celebrate our cultural differences.  Is this not what our nation is suppose to stand for? I am a christian and as child growing up in Brooklyn I loved playing the dreidel game and singing the song with my Jewish friends and learning more about their family and Hanukkah.  It didn't make me any less christian but it certainly helped me to appreciate and understand their culture. I loved hearing about their preparations for Seder dinner and how they would have to carefully prepare their food. As I observed their family traditions I realized how close they were. Their rituals created a special bond, their own spiritual crest. It made them special in there own way.  My childhood experiences such as these have made me excited in wanting to know more about what makes us different. I wanted this for my own children. When I hear stories of non-christian families putting up a Christmas tree or people of non-African descent celebrating Kwanzaa it makes me smile. I think what an open and confident family. Knowing who you are and not feeling threatened by someone's religious preference is living with an open heart. Our appreciation of other traditions and religions does not define who we are or our beliefs, it only helps to enrich us and bridge the cultural divide.

In many of our schools children can not be exposed to or acknowledge certain holidays for fear of offense. How does this teach tolerance? Since when is learning about someone elses heritage offensive. Instead of voiding our cultural differences we should be adding and layering more cultural fabric into our schools to ultimately lessen the fear. Where there is distance there is greater fear. Teaching our children tolerance is what gives them a cultural spirit. It's the key to a world that is compassionate and excepting of others.

This Thanksgiving I am extra grateful for a day were we can all say thank you for the bounty not only before us but for the bounty of friends, family and God's many blessings. Every year we try to share our table with someone who would ordinarily be spending it alone. Try to think of ways to honor this day and give thanks for life as we know it.

Here's a fast and easy way to let everyone know where their special place at the table is.

If your anything like me I could always use a reminder on setting the table.
Here's a chart for future reference.

Color Inspiration
This month a few of my design friends and I were featured in Linda Merrill's publication "Surroundings" take a look and there you will find color inspirations for this holiday season!
Take a look at the link below and see what my color inspiration is this holiday!



 I am sending best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


Friday, November 11, 2011






SmartTouchPlus™ Technology: The next generation of Brizo's revolutionary SmartTouch Technology, SmartTouchPlus adds proximity sensing to our existing touch technology, allowing for both hands-free and touch-sensitive operation.

Temperature Control Technology: Brizo's new temperature-sensing technology features an LED light indicating current water temperature, as well as electronic thermostatic water control and high temperature limit stop.
Water Efficiency: Water-efficient flow at 1.5gpm to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense® standards.
Matte Black Finish: Hand-selected by Jason Wu exclusively for the bath collection bearing his name.










Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black magic!

 The supreme elegance of Audrey Hepburn vetu de noir.
I really wish the days of wearing show stopping hats would return. Fashion accessories are the details that can take a garment to the next level. And we all know the beauty is in the details!


The New Traditionalist Console no. Thirty One
I can't get enough of  The New Traditionalist. Beautifully crafted and designed for today's lover of sophistication and quality. Every dresser in the collection looks like a jewel box!

Need I say more...I think not.

Black magic indeed! via Virginia Belle.
Life would be much easier if I dressed in this room every day. A glossy black finish on the cabinetry says glam! No boudoir would be complete without chandelier and ottoman. I love that the space is utilized up to the ceiling. The perfect place for a hat lover!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Canton Project update

Autumn is in the air and with this change brings the exterior completion of this Canton, Ma. home. You may recall this project from the fall of 2010 when we broke ground. The lovely family that resides here wanted to renovate their existing space and add an in law space. We are still working on the inside but I thought in the meantime I'd share the exterior now that it is finally complete.

The new entry!



The new in law addition sits on the left side of the main entrance as the new walkway meanders to connect them. Barreled copper awnings shelter the craftsman doors that are now supported by larger more substantial posts. The underside of the awnings are dressed in bead board and painted in Ben Moore "Crystalline" for watery sky effect. All lighting and hardware fixtures are oil rubbed bronze. Finally the finishing touch of new landscaping help to give this house its curb appeal .

Happy Fall!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Brizo Fashion Week 2011!

~When life grants you an unexpected gift in the form of a goddess!

Recently I received an invitation from Brizo to attend Fashion Week as one of "The Blogger 19." "Seriously! You mean your going to take care of all of my expenses, treat me like a superstar and then grant me the privilege of viewing Jason Wu's collection! Pinch me!"  Needless to say, I was honored and humbled to be included among this wonderful group of esteemed bloggers and interior designers.

The event would entail learning more about the Brizo brand, participating in a designer's challenge and attend Jason Wu's Runway Show at Fashion Week.  Then finally but certainly not least, a quintessential NY party at MPE Penthouse hosted by Brizo and Jason Wu himself!

The Brizo brand is a Delta company that has married high fashion with a superior line of faucets. Brizo is an innovative company that has taken their products to a new artistic level of design. Delta's boutique line of faucets was named after the Greek goddess "Brizo" protector of all trades of the sea. The goddess was also known as the prophet specializing in the interpretation of dreams.

Jason Wu began his collaboration with Brizo in 2006. Brizo sponsors Jason Wu's shows at New York Fashion Week and Jason designs used in Brizo advertising. The perfect partnership.

*                       *                       *

 Day 1.
Our journey begins
The Eventi Hotel
Brizo made sure our stay was as stylish as it's brand

The Brizo welcome reception.
Fellow bloggers Ashlina Kaposta of The Decorista , Brandon Smith of D.Coop and Christian May of Maison 21.

Brandon we have discovered is my brother from another mother:)

Day 2.

Brizo brand and Product Session.

I was very impressed with the various collections displayed. They were sleek, modern and sophisticated. What I found most impressive beyond the aesthetics and design of the Brizo brand was the level of quality and how well it was paired with affordability! Being able to specify a product that will accommodate the average project budget is a win for me and my clients.
A high-end faucet without the high-end price,

*                    *                         *

So how can a faucet be fashionable you ask? When you model a faucet after a perfume bottle or the curvaceous physique of an Art Deco illustration it's not so hard to imagine.

Take a look at the RSVP Collection. Here is an example of how Hollywood fashion design of the 1920's directly influenced this bath element. The collection is reminiscent of Harper's Bazaar's most illustrious artist and designer Erte.

RSVP by Erte.

RSVP by Brizo.

This glamorous beauty has optional Swarovski elements that enhance it's luxury.
RSVP (a personal expression) by Judd.

Judd Lord is the Director of Industrial Design for Brizo. He is sporting the lovely Emily Henderson fabulous turban. Emily is host of HGTV's "Secrets from a Stylist". BTW-if anyone should spot this turban on the streets of NY you know where to send it:) To Emily of course!

Looking for clean modern sophistication? The SIDERNA is a seamless jeweled beauty with glass accents that speak to a spa like indulgence.

*                      *                     *

 After I fell in love with my new goddess friend Brizo it was time for the designers challenge! Separated into groups we all explored different areas of the city and applied the distinct architectural difference to our mood boards, to create the perfect master bathroom.
Did I mention that we all traveled in style the entire time!

A couple of architectural inspirations we spotted in Chelsea.

*                     *                      *

All that running around has built-up a few healthy appetites.
 My lovely friend Meredith Heron of HGTV's Canada "Restaurant Makeover"  and I are ready to dine!!

The tables were set at SD26.

An after dinner walk in the Empire state.

Day 3.
After completing our mood boards we were on our way to Fashion Week 2011!
Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelley Design Lab, Pattie Johnson of Patti Johnson Interiors and HGTV's Tyler Wisler of  NY Design Guy.

Susan Fisher VP of Marketing for Delta, Me, Kerrie Kelley of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, Judd Lord Dir. of Industrial Design and Mindy Miles-Greenburg of Encore Decor. 

Street scene.

In the center of the crowd Senior Editor Joanna Hillman of Harper's Bazaar is spotted making her way into show.

Time to head in!

 We're here!


Creative director Joe Zee of  ELLE heads toward his seat.

The lovely Raina Kattleson of  "A Stylist life."

These four ladies made me laugh constantly. Love them all!!
L-R: Emily Anderson of "Good with Style", Julia Buckingham Edelmann of Buckingham ID, Julieanne Covino of "Create girl" and last but certainly not least is Katie Rosenfeld of Katie Rosenfeld Design. Katie and I were separated at birth:)

The runway! How did they do it!

                ⟱               ⟱              ⟱                

Like this!

Jason Wu's collection September 2011.
Images via ELLE see more.

*                        *                        *

We arrive at MPE Penthouse for fashion show after party!

Surrounded by spectacular views!

Rebekah Zaveloff of Kitchen Lab and Cassandra Lavalle of CoCo Kelly present the team Belo mood board. Great job!

Team Belo's Mood Board.
Brizo Leader: Treavor William of Young & Laramore. Team: Cassandra LaValle, Mindy Miles Greenberg, Rebekah Zaveloff, Michelle Cortizo.

Jason Wu conducts a Q and A session.

The session was truly inspirational. All of us were hanging on his every word. Jason appears to have an old soul with maturity beyond his years. Thanks Mr.Wu!

It was such a pleasure getting to know Hillary Swank! Ah...I mean Kristen Baum Brizo's Product and Marketing Manager and an all around great gal!!

This is the amazing group of people I had the pleasure of meeting on this journey. Thank you so much for the wonderful conversations, laughter and memories.


What An Amazing Experience!!
Thank You BRIZO!  

Thank you MR.WU!


Photography via Jayme Thornton Photography, ELLE, Kerrie Kelley & Me.