Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Four ladies including myself, left from Boston's Logan airport on cold but sunny Sunday on January 18th. We were on our way to #KBIS2015 in Las Vegas via #BlogTourVegas presents by Modenus! If you missed how it all started you can read the prior post here!

On the plane sitting next to me is Linda of Linda Holt Interiors. Seated in front of me is Laurie of Laurie Gorlick Interiors and next to her Pamela of Pamela Copeman Designwho has me convinced that when I'm with her Hollywood isn't far away! Shes a movie star! I don't care if she's never made a film! 
Or maybe she has???
Linda and I spent much of our time going over the nominees for the Best Of KBIS 2015! Modenus Blog Tour Vegas!  Part of our job was to select the winners for best products for 2015. We had a lot of reading to do! Winners were selected based on functionality, quality/durability, flexibility, aesthetics/style and innovation and were to be announced on Wednesday, January 21st at NKBA's Center Stage. You can see who won here! 

The Boston crew arrives in Las Vegas! 
Laurie Gorelick, Linda Holt, Me, Pamela Copeman

I was the only one with a carry on bag. Believe me, that was not the case on the return flight!
First class all the way provided by Modenus and our sponsors
On our way to the Aria Hotel! 
Let the tweeting begin!!
The Aria hotel bedroom with a spectacular view!

We arrived at the Aria Hotel and had a few hours to freshen up before our opening night orientation with cocktails and dinner to follow! Looking forward to getting to know some new friends and reconnecting with a few old friends but for that we have to take a walk to The Cosmopolitan Hotel! 
The view from the "Comme Ca" Restaurant at The Cosmopolitan! The perfect place for a Cosmo! 
Is this Paris or Vegas?
The group is chatting it up and getting acquainted. 
Pamela Copeman and Joann Kandrac connect! Joann and I were sisters in another life...a pure delight! 
Veronika Miller and CEO of Modenus is getting everyone in gear for the exciting week ahead! Modenus Talks next! 
Chris Laumer-Giddens looks totally enthralled in his discussion with Jane Lockhart! Two very talented people.
Kelly Kole and Laurie Gorlick were at our fun table and all I can say is...there was a lot of laughter!! Love these women! 
Kelly! Get the Channel Shoes!
It was a great start, now off to rest up for a big week! 
Up at dawn before you know it!

Images provided by Chasen West Photography and me.


  1. What a blast we had! I'm so glad that we got to share our first Blogtour together. XO

    1. Me too Laurie!! Great memories were made! Hope to see you soon! xo