Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New beginnings for a 1930's home

Earlier in the year a lovely home was purchased by a client in the Greater Boston Area of Braintree, Massachusetts...a suburb south of Boston Proper. Here are a few facts about Braintree if your not familiar. The town was settled in 1625 and has a great lineage of history. Most notably, it is the birthplace of two past Presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Brevet Brigadier General Sylvanus Thayer was also from Braintree and the Father of the United States Military Academy at West Point. A few great reasons to live in Braintree.

Although not as old, this home possesses some really great characteristics and charm of Braintree in the 1930's. It has great curb appeal and feels like an era gone by as you enter the home, but before you do, the front entry welcomes you in with a triple arched porch! How lovely is this? I see so many possibilities!

Before pictures of our current project.
I love a corner lot and the many mature trees surrounding this home.
Looking forward to improving on the walkway and landscaping at some point.
The side entry and it's arched door is especially lovely. This door is right off the kitchen. I have great plans for this little spot...Big things can come in small packages as they say. It's going to be filled with many textures and global flair!
 The kitchen needs a lot of love. A luxury kitchen is not in the budget at the moment, however we are going to spruce it up in the meantime and make it feel like home.
Great original paneling dress the walls of the dining room!
The color and textile possibilities are endless.
A clear visual all the way through from the side door. I'm imagining beautiful paper in the hallway and jewel tones in the living room. While we're at it, let's give the fireplace a new lease on life, with a new surround and screen.
 Original French doors!
The previous owners viewed their television over the fireplace. We are going to relocate it to this area and mount it on the wall out of view. I would like to see the fireplace become a focal point again.
The design concepts are in place and now I'm just wrapping up the details. Next time I'll share what's going on in other areas in the house. This should be great fun! I hope you follow along for the ride! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hello friends! It has been a long while since I've shared from this writing place. Last year was a world wind and with so much going on it was hard to find time to stay in touch. Projects took me to Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, Plymouth Ma. and locally from residential to commercial. In addition we had two weddings in the family, topped off with a little traveling. So yes, a very busy year.

Here are a few images from 2016 just for the sake of catching up. These projects have not been visited for photography but will be by spring for a complete visual story. Just a peek for now so you can see what been keeping me away.

Three ladies And A Condo
A stunning Queen Anne chair I found at Fiddleheads Consignment. I actually liked the original yellow, however it would not have worked in the clients new color palette. It was hard to part with this one. Chairs are my weakness and I grew to love this one.
Stripping it down to make way for an entirely new look. Gold and navy for a sophisticated and timeless look. SHE is the head of the family, so her chair should look important, don't you think?
Here is the finished product in Meredith Heron's fabric. I love it and thankfully so does the client!
She gets a new tufted sofa, and grass cloth is repeated on this side of the room.
This rug is so beautiful in person. It was customized for the space so that the furnishings would all fit properly on the rug. The look repeats the tufting in the sofa. I requested it be cut on a soft curve for a gently blend as it crosses over into the dining area. The edges are beautifully surged for a clean but handwoven look.
The plush navy sofa filled the cozy niche so nicely, it just needed
a few custom pillows to add a bit of energy.  
 Custom Dunes and Duchess table. Gorgeous!
Thibaut grass cloth wall covering added to the newly installed paneling. The paneling helps to add interest to this long visual expanse.
Up close and personal,this color is truer to the actual paper. Panels and grass cloth dress up this dining space. Adding clarity to the rooms scale, while defining the dining area in this open floor plan. 
 Across from the cozy nook, a Dunes and Duchess custom table anchors the room. It's flanked by two rows of dotted grey on crème Louis chairs, while fuchsia boucle captain chairs make a statement at each end. The floors in this space are charcoal stained maple. The stain is repeated on the tabletop.

 Crystal leaves dangle from the bronze branches above the table. Coordinating sconces flank the center panel.
Unwrapping this beauty wore me out!!! Yup, that's me...all worn out!
 Worth it! The lighting over the kitchenette table is not predictable! A roman shade in animal print create a nice canvas for the delicate lighting. Organic and luxe all at the same time.

The Church
Saint John's church after with added new draperies and rugs. A much needed refresher after 20 years.

The Bank
The gentleman's room is all I can share for now. More to come...

Quincy Ocean Side Home
A peek at one of the bathrooms.
This custom home was all about the details. More to come....

The Plymouth Oceanside Home
The master bathroom shower is a combination of Bardiglio and Carrera marble. A free standing tub is centered on a window overlooking the ocean. Can't wait to share!

The Brooklyn Apartment
Sit back and relax. A cozy urban apartment near the Verrazano Bridge designed for a single lady.
Marbleized fabric flank the windows in the living area.  
Beautiful bedding from Anthroplogie complete the look for this Parisian look in Brooklyn.  
Kitchen lighting meant for a "Pied A Terre." This kitchen is open to the living area so it had to rise up to the rest of the space. No matter where you are in this space, it has a strong feminine vibe.   
A West Elm "Waterfall" chandelier hangs in the center of the living space. Feels like 1940.

The Consignment Chairs redone
Feel in love with this pair, even though they were in apricot!! That color hurts my eyes so I'm showing you in black and white:)
Reupholstering was the next step using two different fabrics. One to invite you to sit and one to envelope you once your in. This beauty is dressed in a tone one tone combination in a grey/lilac Crypton fabric. It resist stains but is soft to the touch and luxurious.
Flowers always take a space to the next level.

The Plymouth Lakeside Home
A family bought this originally 30 years ago as a summer home retreat. However now that the children are all grown up, some with children of their own, it was time to increase the living space. This sweet little cottage was torn down to make way for a larger gathering space on the lake.
The result, a beautiful lakeside home with a vast team contributing to the outcome.
Bathroom tile and cabinet materials.
I love working with Rooms Scapes. The result is always fantastic! More images to come when it's completely done.

The Wedding
My son was wed and the day was divine. It was and amazing year!

Here are a few things coming up in 2017... 1930's home being completely made over. A spa haven that would never make you want to leave your home. Large renovation for a growing family. Master bedroom that makes you forget where you are.

Coming up next...
The 1930's Home Makeover

See you soon! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The 2015 Prism Award for Reuse and Conversion goes to ...

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would have the honor of receiving a Prism Award! Thanks so much to the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston for this beautiful award for reuse and conversion. It was a beautiful event and I will always think of it as a highlight of my career. I am forever grateful!
Of course no project is ever done by one person, it takes a qualified and talented team.This winning space and award I share with John Atwater, lighting designer and homeowner.The construction was executed by Patrick Considine and cabinets were from Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops.Thank you all for your expertise and inspiration. 
Reclaimed gate post that were repurposed for island legs.
Photography above by Emily O'Brien.
Congrats to all the winners of the Prism Awards for achievement in building & design.

Friday, July 10, 2015


Antolini is known as a curator of exclusive natural stone, like marble and quartzite a provider of the rarest varieties for the true connoisseurs of luxury. But the brand offers a more prestigious line of natural stone that stands out among the stone industry’s most stunning offerings: Precioustone.
Precioustone is a piece of our planet's story, evidence of the Earth's power to design unlike any designer who has ever walked upon it. Antolini uses real gems formed by the Earth's natural processes over millions and billions of years. Once the gems are harvested from all over the World, Antolini forms the slabs in its private studio, and sells them internationally to the public through exclusive distributors.
Amazing! Wouldn't you agree?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Old Plymouth Cottage - Grand New Start!

Many years have passed since 1978 when the Botte Family first bought their summer cottage in Plymouth, Ma. Built in 1952 on the crest of a charming pond, the cozy red cottage provided tranquil views while it served as a respite for their new family. Currently the children are all grown up and the addition of grandchildren has increased their need for a greater gathering space. 

I am honored to have been selected to help them navigate through what can sometimes be an overwhelming journey. Our hope is to break ground this fall and start construction toward a sealed up structure for the winter. 
Prior to construction we have been busy working on the kitchen design. I collaborated with Room Scapes on my vision of a navy and white kitchen with maximized views of the water. 

Mrs. Botte is a consummate cook and baker. It was important to give her a kitchen that fulfilled her every need. Multilevel surfaces for baking, double ovens, steam cooking, induction heat cook-top and additional refrigeration to name a few. I will share more of what we are planning along the way.

Completing the kitchen plan in advance not only allows us to have a set plan before construction, but also serves as a great starting point to think beyond the heart of the home (the kitchen) and branch out into the open floor plan that includes the dining and living spaces. 

"Timeless and classic with all of the modern day amenities," is what the Botte family requested. Of course I will deliver but that does not mean boring! I see some very exciting things in our future for this home. Casual but chic with lots of pattern for visual interest and a few unexpected pops of color. A mix of high and low with a few handcrafted custom pieces from Vermont. It will be hard to resist sharing this journey as we embark on this new three story home with views of the water...till next time! 

Monday, February 23, 2015


Why not start this post with the common theme that seems to link all the #KBIS2015 events together! CHAMPAGNE!

Traveling in class has new meaning with these lovely ladies at my side. All beautiful inside and out. I could not have had a better group to begin our journey from Boston to Las Vegas! Laurie Gorelick, Linda Holt and Pamela Copeman are extraordinary women each in their own way! 
How could I forget Mitzi Beach of Mitzi Beach Interiors and Boomer Smarts and her effervescent personality. Mitzi is a gem of a person filled with insight and real perspective. I look forward to our future conversations and learning from her shared experiences.
Veronika Miller CEO of Modenus and fearless leader of #BlogTourVegas sets the stage for open  discussion on "The Power of Design" and its impact on how we live and work. 
A few "Modenus Talks" attendees, Pamela Copeman (L-R), Pamela Copeman Designs,  Holly Hollingsworth  of the English Room and Joann Kandrac and Kole Interiors raise their glasses to having more champagne...Please! 
Randy Fiser the CEO of the ASID, delivered a presentation rich with industry knowledge focusing on: Job growth, geographic distribution, the percentage of working designers in specific areas and the economic effects they have on healthcare in this country.  Mr. Fiser also touched on Smart Building, resiliency, design for special needs, higher standards for sustainable building and how Biophila and designing with nature in mind makes good financial sense.  The bottom line is healthier building equals a healthier world and the ASID has made it their mission to be a driving force toward that change.
 The Editor At Large Kelly Edwards, interviews Veronika Miller and asks her opinion on why the Kitchen and Bath areas are so important in the home. 
More Champagne??!! No problem, there was a "Cup Cake and Champagne" event to recharge us for the rest of the day!
Au Chocolat!
Oh yeah! Did I mention Mitzi Beach?! 
Veronika Miller of Modenus, Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, Julia Buckingham of Buckingham Designs.  Well we know how fabulous Veronika is and how she changing the world of Social Media and it's link to design. In addition Kerrie who I met a while back at Fashion Week and a fellow Brizo Alum had her own surface design debut at KBIS (the backdrop of this photo) as did my sweet friend Julia, with her earthy stone design.  All these ladies so talented and inspiring.
Private performance by Cirque Du Soleil at the Poggenpohl and Blanco event at the Mandarin Hotel.
Hungry again?
The dapper Jeffrey Johnson and the lovely Alison of Alison Habermehl Design Group enjoying the party!
It all ended with a spa day courtesy of MR.STEAM!