Monday, March 6, 2017


Over the years this dining room has been lovingly used for family gatherings, homework and scores of other needs. As time goes on, my friend and client decided that it was time to bring back the main focus of this dining room. A fresh new space for their family to share meals and entertain.

 The first thing I noticed was a nice size room that just needed a few key things to achieve a new look. An initial suggestion I made was to increase the ceiling height visually by eliminating the chair rail. Currently it is breaking up the walls and making the room feel stunted. The removal will elongate the walls resulting in simple elegance.
In picking the palette for this room, I chose a combination of neutrals with navy and plum accents. The only exception being the ceiling, a robins egg blue is in plan. In making my choices, I had to take into account the rest of the home and avoid creating a disconnect.

After some thought, I decided that the ceiling would be a major star of this dining room. Not so much for the depth of color (because you know 95% of the ceilings I do are never white) but for the shine. Luxurious because of its high gloss sparkle and reflective qualities. As crazy as it sounds, it will give the space a high-end look immediately. The cost of this particular paint is on the higher side but it's worth it!
We can use "Fine Paints Of Europe" on our ceiling because we found captains chairs at outlet prices and are having them reupholstered. There were only two mismatched chairs left. The pair will grace opposite ends of a trestle dining table. .
    Loved these for the shape and leg finish. Hard to see here but slightly charcoal metallic.
 The find of the day! Four amazing fret work side chairs! The wood will be refinished and the seats reupholstered in a family friendly fabric to resist stains.
 Say hello to the ceiling color! The only difference other than what you see here will be its glass finish. Never ignore a ceiling, it's an opportunity to make the fifth wall extraordinary.
Every room needs jewelry! Here's ours! Cheers to a great consignment find for less than $300.00 and the perfect compliment for our beautiful ceiling. Oh...I forgot to mention that there is medallion on the ceiling that my clients husband made. Gorgeous plaster work is his trade....hmmm what else can we have him whip up for us?


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