Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Consignment junkie? Me too! If your patient and love a bargain on quality home décor, it's not impossible to find beautiful things that don't hurt your budget. This punch of rug color would make any room sing! The teal bench is the perfect color compliment. Throw a few warm wood pieces in and you could give a sad room new life!
Spring is just around the corner. Edit! Edit! Edit! Clear out the stuff that serves no purpose. You know the rule: If you haven't any use for something, let it go! You can call Fiddleheads Consignment or your local consignment shop to send off your purge and earn more money to splurge! Donating to a charitable organization is another option. Either way, gear up for spring cleaning and switch it up a bit to generate new energy in your home.

~ Michelle

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