Monday, February 23, 2015


Why not start this post with the common theme that seems to link all the #KBIS2015 events together! CHAMPAGNE!

Traveling in class has new meaning with these lovely ladies at my side. All beautiful inside and out. I could not have had a better group to begin our journey from Boston to Las Vegas! Laurie Gorelick, Linda Holt and Pamela Copeman are extraordinary women each in their own way! 
How could I forget Mitzi Beach of Mitzi Beach Interiors and Boomer Smarts and her effervescent personality. Mitzi is a gem of a person filled with insight and real perspective. I look forward to our future conversations and learning from her shared experiences.
Veronika Miller CEO of Modenus and fearless leader of #BlogTourVegas sets the stage for open  discussion on "The Power of Design" and its impact on how we live and work. 
A few "Modenus Talks" attendees, Pamela Copeman (L-R), Pamela Copeman Designs,  Holly Hollingsworth  of the English Room and Joann Kandrac and Kole Interiors raise their glasses to having more champagne...Please! 
Randy Fiser the CEO of the ASID, delivered a presentation rich with industry knowledge focusing on: Job growth, geographic distribution, the percentage of working designers in specific areas and the economic effects they have on healthcare in this country.  Mr. Fiser also touched on Smart Building, resiliency, design for special needs, higher standards for sustainable building and how Biophila and designing with nature in mind makes good financial sense.  The bottom line is healthier building equals a healthier world and the ASID has made it their mission to be a driving force toward that change.
 The Editor At Large Kelly Edwards, interviews Veronika Miller and asks her opinion on why the Kitchen and Bath areas are so important in the home. 
More Champagne??!! No problem, there was a "Cup Cake and Champagne" event to recharge us for the rest of the day!
Au Chocolat!
Oh yeah! Did I mention Mitzi Beach?! 
Veronika Miller of Modenus, Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, Julia Buckingham of Buckingham Designs.  Well we know how fabulous Veronika is and how she changing the world of Social Media and it's link to design. In addition Kerrie who I met a while back at Fashion Week and a fellow Brizo Alum had her own surface design debut at KBIS (the backdrop of this photo) as did my sweet friend Julia, with her earthy stone design.  All these ladies so talented and inspiring.
Private performance by Cirque Du Soleil at the Poggenpohl and Blanco event at the Mandarin Hotel.
Hungry again?
The dapper Jeffrey Johnson and the lovely Alison of Alison Habermehl Design Group enjoying the party!
It all ended with a spa day courtesy of MR.STEAM!


Thursday, February 12, 2015


One of the most effective ways to make cabinetry or furnishings come alive is to add hardware! As a project approaches its final stages, it is easy to skimp on cost and not place the same attention on the smaller scale elements. However, these are more than mere details and should not be done without any thought. I try to inform clients and help them understand that what can be considered a small detail can make a huge difference in a space. There are no details in good design, it is all important to convey a complete story and get the most for the initial cost invested. Can you imagine getting dressed to go to a formal affair and wearing sneakers? When it's time to select your hardware, make sure it rises up to the furnishings you have invested in.  Reap the largest return for a fraction of your initial investment.     

Speaking of rising to the top! Top Knobs was founded in 1994 in the USA and is the nations #1 leader of decorative hardware to the professional market. Only available in design showrooms, Top Knobs has the most extensive line available in kitchen and bath showrooms across the country.  They are a design company in the business of making beautifully crafted hardware.  
Photo Decortizo
Recently at KBIS2015 Warren Ramsland, President of Top Knobs introduced a beautiful new collection to #BlogTourVegas by Modenus.  It was evident why the brand is continually the #1 trendsetter in decorative hardware.

 The Passport Collection
Globally inspired variety!

I'm guilty! 
I used Top Knobs for a bathroom suite on the South Shore of Massachusetts. The above hardware - Tower Bridge Pulls from Top Knobs Passport Collection. I really appreciate hardware that wows form every angle! REAL cabinet jewelry for him and her! 
Thank you Top Knob for a great tour at KBIS

Is this what you think of when you think tile???
If should! Walker Zanger a family owned business has over 60 years of experience and artistry in the world of luxury tiles. Quarried from throughout the world Walker Zanger is a main source of inspiration for the design trade and is revered by many architects and interior designers of the trade.
Tile and fabric are a great source of inspiration for me. They are a great starting point to create and design spaces.  Walker Zanger tile is pure ART! The possibilities for heightening the level of design as it relates to a space are amazing. Think beyond floors and back splashes. Take your thoughts to entire walls, ceilings, bookshelf backing or even a laundry room! 
Beauty in blue and white.
Pattern speaks volumes.
Geometry for those who are more contemporary.
Are you little more black and white?  

DECO D'ANTAN porcelain inspired by the art deco period.

Photo via Walker Zanger
Photo  Via Walker Zanger
Men's suiting is so prevalent in the Sterling Row Collection, which is why I love it so much. I could design an entire room filled with masculine patterns and saturated depth for color. This collection is handsome and sophisticated. It can be used in the most classic or contemporary installations, from urban to suburban environments. Beauty had no boundaries.  

Thank all for a great time and a chance to gain more inspiration from your beautiful artistry.

Wood-Mode: New Concepts in Cabinetry, Spaces & Charity.

South Hampton Kitchen
Wood-Mode, Inc., founded in 1942, is the nation’s largest manufacturer of custom cabinetry for kitchens, baths and other rooms throughout the home. The company is proud to note that its 70+ years in business have all been family owned and operated and Made in America. 
Embassy Row Kitchen

Ocean Side Kitchen
Detailed craftsmanship, purposeful storage solutions and a contemporary design aesthetic combine to create the perfect waterside getaway. OceansideWood-Mode’s latest lifestyle concept, combines linear design with hidden functionality. 

Hideaway Dog Dish Draw and Food Bin.
 Household pets are playing an increasingly larger role in home design, and Wood-Mode’s Embassy Row Pet Parlor concept space highlights the brand’s commitment to accommodating the needs and desires of these valuable family members. Born from the Embassy Row lifestyle theme, the Pet Parlor blends unique features with human and pet-friendly accessibility. The concept doubles as a laundry room, which gives many of the design details a dual purpose. The result is a beautiful and thoughtfully designed space that ads both value and convenience.
Integrated Appliances, Extra Large Sink for Bathing and Grooming. Built-in Pet fountain with Faucet For Ease and Convenience.
Island with Integrated Doors and Cabinets for Storage Solutions for Bones, Toys and Biscuits.  Life is good being a dog and living with Wood-Mode!

Image Chasen West Photography
BlogTourVegas presented by Modenus visited Wood-Mode's booth at KBIS2015 in Las Vegas. Wood-Mode hosted four Susquehanna service dogs (SSD) and their handlers to raise awareness for children and adults with disabilities. Attendees who participated in the social media program simply had to post a selfie with a dog using #KBISselfie and @woodmode and Wood-Mode would make a $5.00 donation to the organization. See selfie's here! 

Wood-Mode first partnered with Susquehanna Service Dogs in production of a concept video casting SSD Midge, a three-year-old yellow Labrador, to demonstrate the features of the Pet Parlor.
Image Chasen West Photography
“Casting a service dog was a great experience. She was highly trained which made production much easier and we were glad to bring awareness to this very worthy program,” said Jeff Wolfe, Director of Marketing at Wood-Mode.

Thank you Wood-Mode for an informative and thoughtful event! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WILSONART Brightens up the floor at KBIS2015

 KBIS2015 delivered eye catching color for me on January 20th! As I traveled from booth to booth with BlogTourVegas. I suddenly noticed a bright spot!  Wilsonarts booth was vibrant, colorful and filled with visual texture! I couldn't wait to get closer to see what they had to offer. They delivered a world of new options that were affordable and on trend for my clients. Options without sacrificing style. Consumers have various reasons for wanting choices outside of granite. Natural stone is not for everyone and some consumers are looking for exciting alternatives. Wilsonart nailed it! 

Photo Decortizo 
Here are a few reasons why:
Affordable to repair 
Color range
Easy to clean 
Pattern choices
Resist stains
Resist bacteria 
Water tolerant
Non porous 
Laminate choices are not what they use to be!
They are much more!

Need more pop! 
If this is a better choice for your needs, Wilsonart has added 
150 New Designs to their library and the patterns are endless!

Using pattern where it is unexpected adds visual interest!

Maybe you need versatile surfaces?
Use it on the wall like a chalk board! 

If that wasn't enough! 

This is my personal favorite MEHNDI
A semi-translucent counter top rich and earthy in tone.
Love it!

Thank you Wilsonart for all the fun and exciting new products! 


October 28th & 29th
Pennsylvania Convention Center

Chicago, IL. (February 2015) Vornado Realty Trust/Merchandise Mart is pleased to announce that the 13th edition of NeoCon East (October 28-29, 2015) will be moving to the vibrant and historic city of Philadelphia.  Held in Baltimore for the past 12 years, the leading design show and conference program for the commercial interiors industry on the East Coast will now call the Pennsylvania Convention Center its center of command. The state-of-the art exhibition space is located in the heart of the city, just steps away from the GSA's national headquarters. From its convenient location, to its powerful economy, organizers identified the “City of Brotherly Love” as the ideal host for the show, enhancing the NeoCon East experience and extending greater benefits to exhibitors and attendees.

NeoCon Vice President of Sales Julie Kohl says, “NeoCon East has had many successful years in Baltimore. We took the decision to relocate very seriously to ensure that it offers the best solution for our show, our exhibitors and our attendees. As we continue to grow, we recognize the need for a new home base that allows us to reach a larger, highly influential audience. We found that in Philadelphia.”

The Greater Philadelphia area consists of eleven counties and three states – Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and is considered the US’s wealthiest and most densely populated region. Lisa Simonian, NeoCon’s Vice President of Marketing adds, “This region has a very strong A&D community, a comprehensive network of design industry associations and is easily accessible from D.C., Baltimore and NYC - all under two hours away by train or car. Business is booming across key vertical industries including Healthcare, Education, Hospitality and Office. We can't wait to take advantage of all that this move has to offer.”

Philadelphia’s regional design associations are some of the strongest in the US. Show organizers are already working with key partners like IIDA and AIA to explore special initiatives. In addition, they are developing dynamic programming and organizing a rich offering of resources for the milestone year. A GSA focus will also be maintained, optimizing the GSA’s Philadelphia headquarters and the significant number of federal government agencies in the region.  More exciting announcements will be made as the show date nears.

NeoCon® East is a registered trademark of Vornado Realty Trust/Merchandise Mart. Via Novita Communications.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Breakfast with Japan's largest manufacturer of plumbing since 1917.

Morel's Restaurant in Las Vegas on January 21st, during our trip to KBIS2015 as a Modenus BlogTourVegas participant.  We had a beautiful lunch and learned that TOTO is not so black and white. 
Glass spheres illuminate the atmosphere and ceiling at Morel's .
Jason Fitzsimmons, Vice President of the sales division for the U.S. was our host. A few of us had the honor of sitting with him at our table and discussing the brand direction and their philosophy on putting people first. 
To be completely honest, I did not need a fancy breakfast to sell me on TOTO.  I already have a history of sourcing only TOTO to all my clients. Product recommendation is extremely important and whatever I suggest leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, I source TOTO because it is the best! Period!
You had me at sustainability!

Jason shared the TOTO commitment toward sustainability, acknowledgement and the realization, that environmental responsibility goes beyond product performance. The act of exploring more opportunities for reshoring in the Americas gives me an added respect for the brand. TOTO is reexamining their strategies for production and global distribution. Currently their Murrow factory in GA. produces one piece porcelain toilets for less cost than their best factory in China. This is good news for those of us in the United States. Producing products closer to where they are manufactured and sold makes more sense not only to TOTO but to those who gain employment from those decisions. 

TOTO's Benefit PeoplePlanetWater Statement


Creating jobs, reducing costs. Relocating manufacturing facilities to the Americas has not only created jobs, it’s helped TOTO to reduce shipping costs and streamline quality control. We pass those savings on to our customers.


Think globally, shop locally. Instead of shipping our products around the world for distribution and sale, TOTO manufactures in the Americas—reducing our overall carbon footprint.


By land, not by sea. TOTO doesn't just believe in conserving fresh water—we’re serious about saving the oceans, too. Fewer container ships mean less pollution and cleaner beaches.

The first washlet launched in 1980
Photo Chasen West Photography
The Washlet by TOTO at KBIS2015 has come a long way from 1980! This piece of engineering has a magic wand that extends, oscillates and gently cleans with aerated water.
What else can I do? 
Provide a toasty seat with temperature controls and warm air dryer!
Believe it or not it has a Deodorizing feature for the ultimate experience of comfort and clean. 

Beyond the toilet!

Thank you TOTO for keeping us up to speed on your brand products and message. I almost forgot! impressed all of us at our table with your blog reading! We all appreciated it:-)