Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dreaming about a sparkling New Year filled with glamour?
"This is Glamorous" and so are my wishes for you!

Holiday prep and primp!
Create sparkle via BijouandBoheme

Saturated, relaxed, luxury...nothing to prove...the palette says it all.  Pia Ulin photography via Henry Road.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love this mirror!

The Bella Star Burst mirror is stunning! The perfect shape for the holiday season!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Minimal for the holiday

I love decorating with organic material. A simple branch I found in the woods adds texture and a bit of whimsy. I used my tree friendly ornaments like glittery maple leaves, frosted pine cones and a crystal birds nest to decorate my branch.
 A few ornaments hang from the window.

I like to keep my holiday decor clean and simple.

I hope your decorating in a way that makes you happy. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zimman's a fabric retail icon in New England.

It's the weekend and I'm in the mood to be inspired and visually stimulated. So I go to Zimman's! I know I won't be disappointed! If you wish to quench your tactile thirst and awaken your senses, browse through the many isles of the historic fabric retail gem.  Located in Lynn, Ma. since 1909 Zimman's is known for not only it's fine fabrics but it's wonderful furnishings and accessories. A great place for a Saturday morning jaunt!
 So many beautiful silks to choose from!
 A great assortment of urns!! Great for the holiday or anytime...I secretly wanted them all!

 Love this funky sofa!!
 So many goodies!
Go to Zimman's and let your imagination do the rest!
Congratulations Zimman's for winning the "Retailers Association of Massachusetts" award 2010!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Design advice on a budget

Kathi Delrose like so many home owners wanted the guidance of a designer before tackling her living room project. Kathi realized that with a plan and direction she could avoid costly mistakes. However she had to find an alternative to full service design fearing she would blow her budget. After receiving an email from Kathi we discussed the option and flexibility of design by consultation. Together we would customize a plan to integrate my services. This was the perfect solution allowing Kathi  creative input and affordability...and so we began. We decided that I would devise a floor plan using existing pieces in addition to new purchases. Basically I would present a color schematic, a space plan and she would shop for specific items based on my advise on furnishings and accessories. 
Before making final decisions I would assist Kathi on a shopping trip to confirm  purchases.
 The before...
                  After! Newly painted walls and recessed lighting set the stage. The fireplace was originally brass. A pewter high-heat resistant spray paint was applied to give it new life. Kathi gave the bar cabinet a few coats of ebony stain and now it looks amazing! It still sits to the right of the French doors.
The silk striped chairs are Boston Interiors clearance items...amazing find!

Kathy already had this table, she just gave it a new vase a made a new floral spray for it!
 Love the new mirror! It adds lustre to the room and cast a great outdoor reflection. The bookcase was a "Fiddleheads" consignment find! They always have something for my clients!
 Love this piece!! The silvery metallic finish is beautiful and solved Kathi's storage problem.
 The new oval glass coffee table keeps the space feeling light and airy. The non-angular shape eases traffic in limited spaces. Milk chocolate draperies highlight the chocolate stripe in the chairs giving the room a more cohesive look. Finally...the starting point and anchor of the room. A new rug adding texture and warmth to the space.
Kathi is still working on some of the final touches of her room and having fun doing it. I think the room looks beautiful and I will always remember all the laughter and fun we had pulling it together!!
Here's to a new space to enjoy with family and friends this holiday season!

 Enjoy Delrose family! And thanks for letting me help you with your project! Happy Holidays!
~Michelle xo~