Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Style Map of European Inspirations

For the past four months I've tried to share the travel path of my daughter's European adventure. Why did I foolishly think it would be any different while she was away...I could hardly keep up!

 With Treks every weekend from Milan to Croatia;Ten countries later, her study abroad will be a time in her life that she will never forget and neither will I. Now I await with much anticipation to welcome her home and listen first hand to all of the many newly cherished moments that are now hers forever.

Our children teach us so much more about ourselves than we sometimes want to admit.  The gift they give us as we watch them grow into adulthood is a priceless lesson in human behavior...theirs and ours. Thank you for indulging me for the past four months and allowing me to explore my love of design coupled with a few family milestones. To close this chapter, here are a few more style markers to end our virtual trip.


Hotel Yasmin's Restaurant Cafe Bar "Noodles" in the Czech Republic.

The Sleeper Tom's at the Augustine Hotel in Prague
A ceiling abundant with architectural beauty!


Steven Harris Architects LLP and Rees Roberts + Partners LLC collaborated on this handsome 15th century Croatian Compound for themselves. A beautiful location with a space "designed to enhance the way they live."



The Barcelona chair, a modernist classic by the iconic Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.


When in Venice masquerade as the Venetians do at carnival time or any time!

The breathtaking "Ether" by Murano-Lite features colour LED lighting.

"Ola" suspension via Murano-lite


Monsieur Gustave Eiffel's legendary tower! Home to both restaurants "Altitude" and "Jules Verne."

Nina Ricci Runway
~ Pink and Black--so elegant ~


This stormy palette is one of my favorites. Saturated and rich, a beautiful canvas it does make.

 Au revoir mes amis!

"Growth is the only evidence of life" - John Henry Newman

   Special thanks to Hailey Rowe, Skye Lena, Darian Symone H, Alex Oanono &
                                             Nick Mantle! Lots of love to all of you! XO                 
**Travel post were not necessarily made in chronological order, in order to protect my most valuable treasure:)