Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good bones make for a great kitchen face lifts!

Good bones make for great kitchen face lifts! I just viewed a kitchen via online and after a detailed conversation with the home owner, I knew that it wouldn't take much to give her a renewed feeling about her current kitchen. The cabinetry is in great condition, all it needs are a few coats of paint, new hardware and eye catching lighting!

The "wicked white" quartz stone (once known as supreme white before it started to darken) is setting the stage for this makeover. This stone unlike its name tends to be really gray! Perfect for this project suggestion!

Next, I pulled the gray from the stone to dress the walls. This particular shade is Color Stories "Vintage Pewter."

Finally, for the cherry on top, this classic pendant from Circa Lighting! I'm so excited about this makeover, can't wait! Saving the hardware and other details for last...can't give it all away at once. - Michelle

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Friendship Kitchen Reveal!

 To think this all started with a long walk... 
Thanks for visiting and supporting the post! It has been fun to share the journey and I hope you enjoy seeing the end result! 
The old window was beautiful but we needed to have functioning windows for this working kitchen.  So we added three double hung windows to frame out the beautiful seasonal view!

Center stage under 2" blanco Carrara marble, the Kohler farm sink hearkens back to the age of the home. The apron front with its slightly imperfect hand, feels hand crafted. On deck the Rohl Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet, in polished nickel is a sculptural water way and one of the few things with curves in this kitchen.
 Sherwin Williams "Frosty White" reduced by 15% was applied to the exterior wall cabinetry. 

A 1904 home demands beautiful inset cabinetry! I selected glass cabinets to flank the large window to expand the feeling of the window. John Atwater Lighting Designs illuminated the glass cabinetry from within.

The original columns to the porch appear as though they are sitting on the counter, when in fact, they are actually floor to ceiling supports. The counter was cut to wrap around the columns and then a new cap was placed on top. There are a total of six columns buried in the far corners of the kitchen walls. Converting the old porch/family room into a kitchen that would except cabinetry had a few challenges.  First, the walls had to be built out to the same plane as the columns and in doing so, the skewed walls would be made square and inset cabinet ready. 

Custom handmade subway tiles from Waterworks are the perfect compliment to this old home. They look like they have always been there for decades.
A microwave and beverage refrigerator lends itself to easy access for the host and  less visible on the opposite side of the island.  By selecting "Dovetail" by Sherwin Williams for the Island, I could achieve separation from the wall cabinetry. This helps to giving the island the look and presence of a piece of furniture in the room. 
We explored several locations for the Thermador stove. When weighing the option of facing the wall or the serenity of the garden, the view won. A marble sill wraps the inside of the window as a safety precaution. Deep window sills are the payoff, as a result of building the room in to except the cabinetry! The hood lines up perfectly with the window obstructed view here!
The more masculine wet bar faucet lives in front of a window from the old porch that has a view into the dining room of the home. Brick from the once exterior is now the inspiration for the subway tile.
On the opposite side of the kitchen we took advantage of the depth and added two bookcases to flank the new french doors (once large window) that will eventually lead to a wrap around deck. Using existing pieces from the home this side of the room is warm and cozy and feels like home. The flooring is 8" wide hickory from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.
Our French lantern found at Brimfield hangs from the "opaline" barreled ceiling! 

Gatherings made easy with this large family style island.  Why Carrara you ask?  The owners embraced its ability to reveal a time-worn aesthetic. Their home is one of history and honoring the past while indulging in the conveniences of today. Did I mention that two sound speakers and more lighting are housed in the islands underside! More of John Atwaters work.
To see before pictures and read the eight part back story to this post start here! 

Kitchen made possible by *Cortizo Interiors, John Atwater Designs, Pat Considine, Yale Appliances, Metropolitan Cabinets. All images are the property of Cortizo Interiors. If you use them please credit the source. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Journey Of Friendship & Renovation: Finally! Sunday Dinner In The New Kitchen!

Part eight

Over the past year, Sunday dinners have become a tradition for the four of us. Today, Sunday dinner will be the first real dinner in the new kitchen...the timing couldn't be more perfect! 
I packed a little goodies-tote of: Gouda infused with pesto, crackers, zucchini bread, two bottles of their favorite wines and a pink azalea. We arrived a 6:00PM and the sun was still shining. Everyone had set their clocks ahead the night before. I can't deny how excited I was. It felt almost like I was attending the premiere of a show! There was definitely excitement in the air! We were about to grace the kitchen with it's first real meal. 

The island was dresses in beautiful cheeses, a spinach artichoke dip, olives and other delectable appies. There was also a beautiful bottle of wine and special gift for me that will remain my little secret. Everyone was poured a glass of wine and as I watched them move throughout the space, everything was as it should be. Their kitchen suited them so well and they looked beautiful and at ease in it. I was instantly content and elated.

On the menu: A lovely celery soup, barbecue brisket and mashed potatoes. My husband Jorge graced the table and asked for a special blessing for the host and the kitchen! We held hands extra tight that night as I thanked God for a well traveled Journey of friendship and a successful renovation. The take away, two life long friends! 

The End
(not really)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Journey Of Friendship & Renovation: The Final Stretch.

Part Seven

Bright and early on Saturday, March 8th and I receive a text,"Let me know if you want some coffee?" Translation: "Come over, I need someone to share in the excitement!" The kitchen was 99% done, the back splash was the only thing left on the punch list...I was there in 3 minutes! 

"I become strangely attached to my projects & get just as excited as my clients. Secretly desiring to move in:)" 

The day before Jerry and Pat worked late into the day clearing out all the tools and leftover debris. If you've ever been through a renovation you know that dust gets absolutely every where! So Vacuum out, Swiffers wet and dry in hand and let the deep cleaning begin! As we wiped everything down, the kitchen Slowly began to rise out of the sawdust. 

Next, JD returned the glass panels to the French brass lantern fixture and screwed in all five of it's filament(old-fashion Edison style)bulbs. The music was flowing out of the hidden speakers buried in the island and the kitchen began to sing! 

We stood back and admired all the hundreds of decisions that lead us to that very moment. Everything culminated into one big exhilarating exhale. The kitchen was done and it was beautiful. As I looked around the room I thought of all the moments,meetings, decisions, shopping ventures,glares,verbal tug-of-war and joy that went into creating the space shared by all of us. This project was a collaborative effort by all involved. The home owners JD and AD, Pat Considine builders, Jerry our tireless contractor, Metropolitan Cabinets, Mr. Mike the painter, the plumbers, tilers and the genius of John Atwater lighting designs all made this project possible. Every hand that touched the project is responsible for the outcome. 

That evening after much cleanup, the three of us ordered a pizza and collapsed with a smile on our faces and a feeling of contentment. Sigh...

The final post is just around the corner... - Michelle