Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Journey Of Friendship & Renovation: The Final Stretch.

Part Seven

Bright and early on Saturday, March 8th and I receive a text,"Let me know if you want some coffee?" Translation: "Come over, I need someone to share in the excitement!" The kitchen was 99% done, the back splash was the only thing left on the punch list...I was there in 3 minutes! 

"I become strangely attached to my projects & get just as excited as my clients. Secretly desiring to move in:)" 

The day before Jerry and Pat worked late into the day clearing out all the tools and leftover debris. If you've ever been through a renovation you know that dust gets absolutely every where! So Vacuum out, Swiffers wet and dry in hand and let the deep cleaning begin! As we wiped everything down, the kitchen Slowly began to rise out of the sawdust. 

Next, JD returned the glass panels to the French brass lantern fixture and screwed in all five of it's filament(old-fashion Edison style)bulbs. The music was flowing out of the hidden speakers buried in the island and the kitchen began to sing! 

We stood back and admired all the hundreds of decisions that lead us to that very moment. Everything culminated into one big exhilarating exhale. The kitchen was done and it was beautiful. As I looked around the room I thought of all the moments,meetings, decisions, shopping ventures,glares,verbal tug-of-war and joy that went into creating the space shared by all of us. This project was a collaborative effort by all involved. The home owners JD and AD, Pat Considine builders, Jerry our tireless contractor, Metropolitan Cabinets, Mr. Mike the painter, the plumbers, tilers and the genius of John Atwater lighting designs all made this project possible. Every hand that touched the project is responsible for the outcome. 

That evening after much cleanup, the three of us ordered a pizza and collapsed with a smile on our faces and a feeling of contentment. Sigh...

The final post is just around the corner... - Michelle

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