Monday, February 6, 2012

A Sunday Stroll & Architecture

This past Sunday I parked my car along the Boston Garden and decided to take a long walk down Commonwealth Ave.. It was a cold wintry day and the sun was shining so brightly I became oblivious to the chilly temps and grew distracted by the beauty of one of Boston's most notable streets.
An Illustration from 1881 features the green way that begins at the western side of the Public Garden.
The greenway is also known as The Commonwealth Mall which displays several statues and was beautifully
designed by Arthur Delevan Gilman and Frederick Law Olmstead.
Every entrance tells it's own architectural story.
Movement in a walkway is always more visually interesting and welcoming.
This corner home and it's Mansard slate roof boast of grand days.
I always wonder what stories it would tell me if it could.
A beautiful side courtyard and it's overgrown view. Look closely and you'll see the copper roof.
What flowers would you place in the pots flanking the entrance? I would love to see them overflowing with hydrengia's and a crown of willow for verticality. Then maybe a soft coat of verbena cascading down the pillars for movement and fragence on those breezy summer days. 
A room with a view and black iron balconies sit above the arched coined windows below.
I love an entrance where the steps become grander as they descend. It is typical in the southern states like Savannah, Georgia where the entrance seems to open up and wrap it's arms around you. A true sign that you are welcome.
Aged and Verde Gris balconies dress the curved windows.
The brick and iron work are lovely, however the birch is the real show stopper. I love the simplicity of dressing the entrance with this organic display that will last all winter long.

It was a lovely Sunday walk


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