Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Journey Of Friendship & Renovation: Finally! Sunday Dinner In The New Kitchen!

Part eight

Over the past year, Sunday dinners have become a tradition for the four of us. Today, Sunday dinner will be the first real dinner in the new kitchen...the timing couldn't be more perfect! 
I packed a little goodies-tote of: Gouda infused with pesto, crackers, zucchini bread, two bottles of their favorite wines and a pink azalea. We arrived a 6:00PM and the sun was still shining. Everyone had set their clocks ahead the night before. I can't deny how excited I was. It felt almost like I was attending the premiere of a show! There was definitely excitement in the air! We were about to grace the kitchen with it's first real meal. 

The island was dresses in beautiful cheeses, a spinach artichoke dip, olives and other delectable appies. There was also a beautiful bottle of wine and special gift for me that will remain my little secret. Everyone was poured a glass of wine and as I watched them move throughout the space, everything was as it should be. Their kitchen suited them so well and they looked beautiful and at ease in it. I was instantly content and elated.

On the menu: A lovely celery soup, barbecue brisket and mashed potatoes. My husband Jorge graced the table and asked for a special blessing for the host and the kitchen! We held hands extra tight that night as I thanked God for a well traveled Journey of friendship and a successful renovation. The take away, two life long friends! 

The End
(not really)

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