Tuesday, February 3, 2015


YES! It was a wonderful week but it required a lot of energy! We all fared rather well. However, regardless of who you are there's bound to be a few tired bodies in need of rejuvenation! Luckily for us, Mr.Steam took great care of us! We ended our tour on a dreamy note, filled with luxury and relaxation, the kind that only Mr.Steam could provide.
It all began with a beautiful lunch at the Aria Hotel's Cafe. Walking into the cafe your eyes were drawn to very long beautifully set table. Perfectly displayed at each place setting, there were luxurious gift boxes of TALA waiting for each of us. Our gracious host Martha Orellana , vice president of marketing and sales, made sure to make our day extraordinary...and it was! 

Martha whipped up the Rhassoul Lava Clay and applied it on each of our faces. Some of us relaxed others went for the Jacuzzi while we waited for the clay to harden. Then we all went for a eucalyptus steam! Heaven! Cold clothes were dispersed to wipe off the clay which began to soften and then we sweat and relaxed some more. It was an amazing...your entire body starts to breathe. Everything opens up...your skin, sinuses, chest, throat and mind. 
It is ethereal in feeling and I can't imagine anything more relaxing. All I can say is, "everyone should have Mr.Steam in their home! 
He knows what he's doing!

If you get the opportunity, try to experience the winner of multiple product award and the winner of the "2013 Good Design" award for stunning graphic interface and design. Mr.Steam is the first brand to perfect swipe touch simplicity in warm and humid environments. You can customize your spa experience by controlling the temperature, duration, aromatherapy and chromatherapy. 

“With the touch of a finger, iSteam 2.0 puts you in a different dimension with your own custom blend of steam, light, scent and music," said Martha Orellana, vice president of marketing and sales for Mr. Steam.  “There is nothing like this on the market.”

What are the benefits?
Mr.Steam says, that the therapeutic benefits of a steam shower are a perfect way to help manage stress, detoxify and hydrate your body. It is also beneficial when your not feeling great. Steam can help with colds, congestion, arthritis and sore muscles.

To learn more click on the video gallery below.

I enjoyed Mr.Steam and Tala so much I had to hurry up and make my own video about Tala. When everything is on high speed a great way to slow down is to reach for Tala.

I could not wait to get home and try it all over again! 


Thank you for all!

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