Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Recently I was invited to attend the Robert Allen NATURALS launch party at New York's D&D building. Robert Allen has always been synonymous with  beautifully crafted, high quality fabrics. The idea of organic can sometimes conjure up a visual of homespun. I have nothing against homespun but I was very curious to see how they would design textiles motivated by an organic mission without compromising elegance. How do you bridge organic with sophistication effectively? NATURALS. They have masterfully married their brand with the growing desire to see more relaxed fabrics that can be incorporated in any environment...simply beautiful. The collection is made up of authentic and relaxed materials that reflect natural forms and influences to create sophisticated environments.
Everything was truly beautiful. From the scale of  the patterns to the nature inspired colorway. Stunning!
Layering texture and color gives this space a more collected look.
"Center Circle" in mineral is amazing! My biggest frustration right now, is that you can't feel this! Soft to the hand, as is the entire collection. Feel is very important to me. The fabric should welcome you into the space not only by it's appearance but by it's hand.
This chair is upholstered in "Glamis", natural...elegance.
Watching an upholsterer at work as he applies "Precise Stitch" in mineral on this streamline chair.
"Precise Stitch" colorway.

This embroidered beauty is "Spouting Vine" and I can't wait to use it!


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