Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Loft at Hyde Park

Can you imagine having a quiet place to work and escape your daily grind within minutes? Better yet a place where you can host fun dinner parties anytime you heart desires? Well my client uses this loft for exactly that! She now can escape her day to day life and be transported to her own urban world.
This kitchen was here before I arrived. The wine rack was a favorite of the clients, so all I had to do is fill it with wine. Hard work but someone had to do it!
The mantel was built on site specifically to create a focal point on the 15' wall expanse. The Palladian 17th century inspired mirror stands a 108" high and is framed in a rust iron finish. The trestle dining table has a wood base with a concrete tabletop. Perfect for a loft environment and the client will never have to worry about maintenance with a lifestyle emphasis on dinner parties and events.
A wrought iron base table is being used as her kitchen island. I loved the shape of base and it's shallow depth. This was essential as not to encroach into the already narrow kitchen. Two high back captains dining chairs in smokey grey were used to create contrast in the seating. The remaining chairs are in a sand linen and framed with upholstery studs.

The mantel had to be extremely shallow as not to project into the dining area. The last thing you want is your dinner guest leaving with an unforeseen head injury. Just enough ledge for a little extra candle light and two undulating vases. The need to duck has been eliminated.
The table is set Bon appetit!
Soon a Michael McHale chandelier will be hung above the dining room table.
A view from the living room.
The entry hall.

Hope you enjoyed you visual stay!

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