Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Journey Of Friendship & Renovation: A long walk.

Part One

 My connection to this house and its residents all began with a long walk...

It all started on a well rehearsed brisk October walk. A route taken many times before with Nancy, my dear friend and walking buddy. Our walk was nearing its end as we approached one of my favorite homes on the historic and scenic way. We both spotted the couple we assumed were the new home owners. Spontaneously Nancy and I proceeded to greet them with a long overdue "Welcome to the neighborhood!". Our brief introduction turned into a two hour tour and visit. We repeatedly insisted on leaving them to their day, but quite frankly we were all having such a great time it was hard to pull ourselves away. This was the beginning of a friendship between myself and two lovely transplants from the south end of Boston, which ultimately led to a dreamy kitchen project that became a labor of love.

                                                More to come... - Michelle

Illustrations are my own and enhanced via Waterlogue. 

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