Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Journey Of Friendship and Renovation: The First Invitation.

Part Two

In December of 2012, I attended a holiday party not far from my home. It was the first formal invitation my husband and I received from the homeowners. The house was nestled comfortably on a generous one + acre parcel and setback approximately 100 ft. from the street.This stately brick 1904 home and its circular driveway exhibits grand curb appeal for all who come to visit. Steps onto the main entry are anchored by supporting columns necessary to feature the grand balcony above. Charles Mingus and jazzy blue notes play from outdoor speakers, gently escorting its guests toward the pristine front door.

Beyond the entry, I became energized and excited by the mix of traditional, vintage and industrial elements. The living room walls were painted a pewtery grey with a beautiful white fireplace for a focal point. A gold French oval mirror adorns the wall above mantel. A pair of collected leather chairs sit to the right of the fireplace, separated by a small occasional table. Directly across from the chairs, a large sofa flanks the opposite side of the fireplace and is set in front of a pair of extra long windows with crisp white casements. In the corner, an elevated large red Paris subway sign reads, "METRO." A 5' high free-standing wine rack guards the entryway, while most of the furnishings rest in their proper places on a red and navy oriental rug. The vibe is cool and current and it's evident that the owners have a story to tell.

It was a memorable evening in so many ways. There was no shortage of great food, atmosphere or fabulous music. What I found most impressive was the hospitality and sincere energy of the hosts and their friends. My expectations were exceeded by the warmth and welcoming arms of everyone attending. Little did I know...that night would be one of many more shared moments with these two lovely gentlemen, who I now refer to as dear friends.

The next few post will touch on our journey and our collaboration to complete the renovation of their new home and all the fun we had along the way!  More to come...  -Michelle

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