Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Journey Of Friendship and Renovation:The Flask!

Part Three

Early to rise as I was running errands on a Saturday morning in the summer of 1998, a yard sale would distract me from my mundane chores. I stopped to parooze hoping to find something out of the ordinary. There were some interesting pieces, one of which was an old Flask. I wasn't in the market for a flask, nor did I need one for any particular reason. However, there was something special about this old beverage container. It sported a silver cap and was wrapped in well worn leather that bared the La Crosse marking on its underside. I don't know why I felt so inclined, but I purchased it and I held onto it for 16 years, until one day in 2013.
La Crosse Draper flask
While visiting neighbors at an open house, a discussion about my friends home was holding my interest. Apparently, the family who original built my friends home were, John Draper and his wife back in 1902. In fact, many of the neighboring homes belong to various members of the Draper family. All beautiful, some stately, would give one the impression that the Drapers lived very well. To this day the Drapers run and operate The Draper Knitting Co., which produces a wide variety of textile based products.

As I listened intently, a thought came to mind...

The next day, I opened the red Chinese sideboard where I kept little treasures that I rotate for display and found the flask. Although it was old and worn, I knew that if I gifted it to my friend JD and AD, they would see the beauty in it and appreciate it. You see, the day I bought that flask, I bought it from a yard sale that was held on their front yard. The women who sold it to me had mentioned that the flask once belonged to the Drapers. It seemed to me that it was only right to take it home.  

Today, I can tell you it is appreciated and even gets used on occasion. For some odd reason, this makes me very happy!

More to come.... -Michelle

*Referring to our home owners as JD and AD to respect their privacy.

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