Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Journey Of Friendship and Renovation: Kitchen Epiphany.

Part Four

Ten months after meeting my new neighbors, I felt as thought I'd known them forever. We shared many great times together which consisted of, late night conversations, gardening projects, wintry Sunday dinners (always with a roaring fire) to late summer lunches on the patio with music filled air as we sipped on great wines. There was always an impromptu visitor or two or three, turning an ordinary day into an unpredictable evening.
The rear of the house and once open porch.
During this time, there were many conversations about rescuing their home from the existing 1970's look-a-like kitchen that was installed in 2002! On their own, they had already begun this project prior to our introduction. They had a basic kitchen plan from a big box retailer and had taped out an Island plan on their kitchen floor. Initially I kept my thoughts and ideas to myself, respecting their direction. They both had a sense of style all their own, I didn't want to impose, but this was a challenging project and eventually they asked me to chime in. I tried not to dominate the discussions with my ideas.  These were my friends first, not my clients. However, I did the best I could in trying to help them find their way...my thoughts were restless.
 Shawmut, "the perfect dog," stands on the imaginary island in the old kitchen.
After a long day in August 2013, I put my head on my pillow but could not fall asleep. I was reviewing a few meetings we had with a contractor friend of mine who I suggested help us with the project. He had some great ideas for the current kitchen space but something still was not sitting right with me. This was a beautiful big house with a small kitchen that fell short of facilitating all of their needs...then suddenly it hit me! The current kitchen space just wasn't big enough! We were in the wrong room! It would never suit all of their needs and didn't rise up to how they lived. There was a family room that was not being used to its full capacity, it would soon become the focus for me.

Originally the family room, which is located in the rear of the house, was an open porch with supporting columns that was eventually enclosed. It showcased a bead board semi-barreled ceiling that framed a grand palladium window. There was not need for another moment of indecision! YES! This is our new kitchen!

That night with some hesitation, I sent a late night text. Although I felt this was the best way to go, I always expect a mixed bag of emotions from a homeowner when broaching on a new direction. The text started with, "What do you think about relocating the kitchen to the family room?" Well, all I can say is, the excitement on the other end kept me up all night! I could not imagine the kitchen being any where else. Time to scrape all previous plans and get to work!
 Once the open porch, now enclosed family room...soon to be the new kitchen.
Barrel ceiling, palladium window and columns reveal the rooms history.
Shawmut oversees our landscaping project in the spring of 2012. More to come...  -Michelle

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