Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WILSONART Brightens up the floor at KBIS2015

 KBIS2015 delivered eye catching color for me on January 20th! As I traveled from booth to booth with BlogTourVegas. I suddenly noticed a bright spot!  Wilsonarts booth was vibrant, colorful and filled with visual texture! I couldn't wait to get closer to see what they had to offer. They delivered a world of new options that were affordable and on trend for my clients. Options without sacrificing style. Consumers have various reasons for wanting choices outside of granite. Natural stone is not for everyone and some consumers are looking for exciting alternatives. Wilsonart nailed it! 

Photo Decortizo 
Here are a few reasons why:
Affordable to repair 
Color range
Easy to clean 
Pattern choices
Resist stains
Resist bacteria 
Water tolerant
Non porous 
Laminate choices are not what they use to be!
They are much more!

Need more pop! 
If this is a better choice for your needs, Wilsonart has added 
150 New Designs to their library and the patterns are endless!

Using pattern where it is unexpected adds visual interest!

Maybe you need versatile surfaces?
Use it on the wall like a chalk board! 

If that wasn't enough! 

This is my personal favorite MEHNDI
A semi-translucent counter top rich and earthy in tone.
Love it!

Thank you Wilsonart for all the fun and exciting new products! 

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