Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Breakfast with Japan's largest manufacturer of plumbing since 1917.

Morel's Restaurant in Las Vegas on January 21st, during our trip to KBIS2015 as a Modenus BlogTourVegas participant.  We had a beautiful lunch and learned that TOTO is not so black and white. 
Glass spheres illuminate the atmosphere and ceiling at Morel's .
Jason Fitzsimmons, Vice President of the sales division for the U.S. was our host. A few of us had the honor of sitting with him at our table and discussing the brand direction and their philosophy on putting people first. 
To be completely honest, I did not need a fancy breakfast to sell me on TOTO.  I already have a history of sourcing only TOTO to all my clients. Product recommendation is extremely important and whatever I suggest leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, I source TOTO because it is the best! Period!
You had me at sustainability!

Jason shared the TOTO commitment toward sustainability, acknowledgement and the realization, that environmental responsibility goes beyond product performance. The act of exploring more opportunities for reshoring in the Americas gives me an added respect for the brand. TOTO is reexamining their strategies for production and global distribution. Currently their Murrow factory in GA. produces one piece porcelain toilets for less cost than their best factory in China. This is good news for those of us in the United States. Producing products closer to where they are manufactured and sold makes more sense not only to TOTO but to those who gain employment from those decisions. 

TOTO's Benefit PeoplePlanetWater Statement


Creating jobs, reducing costs. Relocating manufacturing facilities to the Americas has not only created jobs, it’s helped TOTO to reduce shipping costs and streamline quality control. We pass those savings on to our customers.


Think globally, shop locally. Instead of shipping our products around the world for distribution and sale, TOTO manufactures in the Americas—reducing our overall carbon footprint.


By land, not by sea. TOTO doesn't just believe in conserving fresh water—we’re serious about saving the oceans, too. Fewer container ships mean less pollution and cleaner beaches.

The first washlet launched in 1980
Photo Chasen West Photography
The Washlet by TOTO at KBIS2015 has come a long way from 1980! This piece of engineering has a magic wand that extends, oscillates and gently cleans with aerated water.
What else can I do? 
Provide a toasty seat with temperature controls and warm air dryer!
Believe it or not it has a Deodorizing feature for the ultimate experience of comfort and clean. 

Beyond the toilet!

Thank you TOTO for keeping us up to speed on your brand products and message. I almost forgot! Jason...you impressed all of us at our table with your blog reading! We all appreciated it:-)

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