Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fireplace Repair

Purchasing an older home can be filled with romantic ideas of entertaining family, friends and late night dinner parties or soirees. The may take a little work before those dreams come to fruition if the home wasn't previously updated.

In this case, the previous owners promised to repair the fireplace as part of the sale agreement. The last thing you want is a carbon monoxide issue or a fire hazard, so the interior box and damper had to be repaired resulting in a decreased opening by 4" on all three sides. In this case, smaller means safer.
Hearth tiles were removed to make way for new tiles. A new interior has been installed and painted so the box looks like it's always been there.
FYI - I normally add 10% waste on top of what the tile project calls for if I'm not doing a custom cut stone for the surround. 

A little more sanding of the thinset mortar to prepare the surround, then the and hearth will be ready for tile!
A must see in person! This tile is now one of my favorites!
Here's our tile installed. Floors next!  


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