Monday, February 2, 2015

The New American Home 2015 - A "Real World" Laboratory in Building Innovation and Technology.

Nestled on a hillside at 2256 Edgeridge Court in Henderson, Nevada, Tyler Jones of Blue Heron Construction has completed his latest answer to The New American Home. Jones and his team demonstrates that packaged, "pre-design custom" building is an efficient way to use the latest innovative design concepts while maintaining affordability. This luxurious 5,900 square foot home spares no amenities. It will serve as a model for one of 36 homes in the Sky Terrace Community featuring, intelligent design and sophistication representing the best of today's American luxury homes.  BlogtourVegas presented by Modenus had an opportunity to visit the stunning contemporary and experience the latest in technology in the home building industry. 

On approaching the site as we drove up the hill, it became 
apparent that we were about to see something very special. 
The main entry, landscaping and lighting are thoughtful and engaging as you enter the home. Sculptural drought tolerant plantings added texture, visual interest and efficiency.

First level living area is neutral and warm in tone. Beautiful, but careful not to distract from the stunning views. Reflective of the homes location and environment, it is evident in the selection of the textiles. 
Living area from the second level. 
The atrium of this home adds volume and fills the home with an abundance of light during the day. The kitchen and dining area share the space.
 Flooring by Mohawk Flooring.  
A variety of materials add dimension to the fireplace making it an undeniable focal point. Working within such and open space, I would imagine this was a way to add additional interest and dimension on this vast wall expanse. 
Carpeting by Karastan.
Layered earth tones creating a warm and inviting space.
Mixed metals and textures add interest and dimension.
View from the dining room area.

Who says green building can't be luxurious! Take a look at this kitchen and take note that, TNAH 2015 is expected to receive Emerald status, the highest of four levels of green building under the National Green Building Status.
Kitchen  counter tops  made of Dupont Zodiac Quartz
 and Walker Zanger Calacata Carrara Marble.
First level lounge and bar opens out into the courtyard.
A continuation of the indoor living space.
After sunset
Every amenity and convenience making night time entertaining a step away.

Let's take a peek at the Second level! 
Second level bar illuminates this entertainment space.
Multilevel bar area from a distance.
Artful, high performance carpeting helps to elevate the space.  Karastan added beauty, warm and depth with its graphic design.
I really appreciated the design and allocated use of this space. The half wall creating a cozy area for sleeping, while keeping the raised lounge open but separate, making this the perfect suite environment. Views fill the room and a nearby fireplace heightens and warms the experience.
The master may be calm but there's no lack of textural interest. 
You can lounge a drift away while admiring the view of Las Vegas. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and this home pays homage to the...stay haven!
Spa at home! 
Here is one more reason that I thought I would never want to leave this home, the master bath is a show stopper! When your tub is separated from the bedroom but remains in full view, like a destination, how could you not want to use it?! Prominently placed, the soaking tub conjurers thoughts of relaxation and rejuvenation. The flooring by Mohawk made me think of the desert sand, its reliance on water and our need for it. Perfection!

Pretty isn't enough! 

The home is smart and efficient!

Net zero electrical usage. 
Open cell spray foam insulation and passive solar power. 
Low VOC paints, stains and adhesives.
LED lighting fixtures.
Energy Star appliances.
Photovoltaic panels.
Formaldehyde-free wood cabinets.  
Low flow shower heads, faucets and dual flush water closets.
Whole house automation system.
Weather sensitive irrigation system.
Native and drought tolerant plants.
Tankless water heaters.
Hydronic air handlers.
Intelligent fireplaces.
Sustainable building materials.
Special attention to integrating spaces.
Continuous use of Indoor and outdoor flooring.

Test kitchen 
Before our tour ended we gathered around in the kitchen and witnessed a demonstration of Karastan's SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet that blew me away! 
Forever Clean and never worry!
Yes, the carpet is being soaked in large glasses of wine! 
I know what your thinking! I was too!
I was wrong! I have never seen results like this before...amazing! The only carpet with built-in stain resistance and you don't have to sacrifice beauty. An innovative bio-based carpet that is eco-friendly and durable, SmartStrand in addition is luxurious and silky soft to the hand. I was impressed to say the least. Who wouldn't want Forever Clean?! I know I do!

Thank you to the team of TNAH 2015 and Mohawk for a great evening filled with the innovation of the homes of our future.

Images by Trent Bell Photography, Chasen West Photography and Michelle Cortizo. 

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