Sunday, April 1, 2012

Architectural Digest Show 2012

The Perfect future featured Piet Hein Eek "Waste Table" made of reclaimed wood.

Artsaics incredible mosaics are SOLID fashion!

Brooklyn based BDDW marries modern and natural elements with their handcrafted pieces.

Aviva stanoff shows off their beautiful textiles and other little secrets...not anymore.

 The New Traditionalist always innovative and creating new trends with classic elements.

Love this buckle detail on the back of one this New Traditionalist chair.

The Ralph Lauren dining room was just one of the many dining scapes at the show.
Clever light fixture!
Love this one as well featuring Michael McHale's lighting! Loved it so much installed it in a recent loft project!
Imagination in flight!! Fantastic!


What a great show and thank you to Modernus for making it extra special!!

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