Monday, January 28, 2013

Budget Friendly Before and Afters!

Thirty years ago my mother decided to update her old dining room set, so she passed the old one on to me! I happily embraced the old cabinet with all of it's peeling veneer and blemishing chips. I loved its bones and bowed glass doors that made it so special. The veneer was beyond lovingly worn. The damage was extensive enough making it difficult to repair, so I painted it! Yes, I know this upsets some, but I truly believe that paint can hide a multitude of furniture sins. Besides, why settle for a so-so finish job, when you can have a piece that makes a statement, while making you happy at the same time. Our china cabinet has sported several different shades over the past 30 years and each time it displays a new shade, I fall in love all over again. It's hard to give up on a piece that has so many memories attached to it. Recently I decided to start updating my breakfast room and the old china blue on the exterior lacked depth, so I added a little more saturation by giving it a few coats of Ben Moore "Wool Peacoat" on the exterior. 

BEFORE: The cabinet interior was too dark in this sunny breakfast room. I wanted vibrant and it was more like a black hole. So Ben Moore's "Green Hydrangea" was my pick to brighten it up a bit and give it a bit of a face lift.
AFTER: Big difference!! Don't you think? I'm very happy with the outcome! Now the space feels bright and welcoming. The deeper exterior helps to create a stronger contrast between it and the vibrant green on the interior. Even the dishes look happier!

Here's one more simple adjustment that made a world of difference. Changing out the old standard candle bulb to a filament tubular bulb, took this sconce from ordinary to extraordinary. Now it's current, interesting and easy on the eyes.
I had lots of fun making these few updates and I hope these few examples inspire you to find simple and economical ways to make anything old, new again in your home!

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