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Longing for artful and luxurious pieces that tell your story?



Beautiful spaces are thoughtful and speak to detail. A home layered in collected beauty exudes depth, fine taste and personality. Often our lives are void of the time, effort and expense that it requires to carefully select global pieces. AYERS is a NYC based luxury home décor company and at the helm, Manhattan-based interior designer and Principle of Irwinteriors, Penelope Irwin. Ms. Irwin's extensive travel has made it convenient for you to attain these desirable pieces from the comfort of your own home.

The Ayers Ebony Bowl (shown above) is the first of a few vessels I selected to feature:
*The Ayers Ebony Bowl is a completely one-of-a-kind piece that is as beautiful as it is interesting. These bowls are "found" Ebony wood that has been collected in Indonesia and have a natural, shiny finish. This is a treasured decorative piece that makes a stunning impression. These bowls are beautiful and unique pieces of art.

I recently asked Elisa Hetmanski, Media Marketing Manager of Ayers International, LLC, to explain in her own words what to expect when acquiring a piece from Ayers Collection?

"When acquiring an Ayers piece, one can expect it to enhance the space with a quiet, modern yet classic, interest. Each Ayers piece has a subtle statement to them—nothing too loud or obnoxious—just a quiet tone. All pieces —new and old—have an extensive story to them. The curated pieces are distinctly different and rare; the created pieces are handcrafted works of art, which are meticulously created by artisans in New York City."

*The Tibetan Spice Pots are an example of vintage, handmade Tibetan art and were meant for daily household use. Each piece is carved meticulously from a single piece of wood and decorated with carved geometric lines. These pots exhibit a subtle glow of patina, which is the result of years around wood-burning smoke and very buttery hands. All pots are vintage, from the mid 20th century. Each unique in their own way, these pots tell a story on their own or as a collective group. Perfectly suited for holding rice, lentils, sugar, coffee, tea, spices, or simply as a beautiful decorative piece.

I love the varying heights and hues of these graceful vessels!

*The Glass Sculptures are striking, one-of-a-kind vessels that are produced by NY based artist Michael Anchin. No two pieces are exactly alike and each adds visual interest either on its own, or in a group of varied shapes, sizes and colors. Michael began glass blowing at a cooperatively run community hot shop on the famed Mulberry Street in Manhattan in the 1980's. He went on to hire many of his teachers, highly skilled glassblowers, to help him produce over 100,000 long neck sculptures that were sold worldwide.
Each piece is a beautifully unique art form that is hand-made and individually signed by Michael Anchin himself. The color present in the glass is made from real earth minerals that are added in while each vase is blown. Each sculpture is a colorful, organically shaped figure that is formed in a 2000 degree oven by a true glass artisan. 
Elisa explains the luxury companies aesthetic goal, "The Ayers aesthetic mission revolves around the culmination of modern luxury and precise design. The concept is a balance of modern designs complementing a vast array of fascinating curated pieces. Pillows, throws, trays, bowls, baskets and global artifacts are all designed to give visual and tactile pleasure in the home.  Beautiful fabrics such as cashmere, linen, silk and cotton complete the look. The designs and objects are a bit posh in the most relaxed sense. If one identifies with an effortless style and appreciates being surrounded by sensually sophisticated items, objects and art, then one understands Ayers." 
*The D'Or vase is a hand-made ceramic pot, crafted on a potter's wheel in the Netherlands. The beautiful, golden luster is created with pure, 24k gold, which is hand applied to the final product. In order to give our ceramics a premier quality, they are baked once without a finish at 1250 degrees Celsius and then again with the finish at the same temperature. This is 2-3 times the industry average and creates a more durable and beautiful end product.

Elisa, what can we expect in the near future? "The new horizon for Ayers is the upcoming Fall season. Fall is all about a "Relaxed Glamour". While the designs will continue to have the same relaxed feel, it will combine seamlessly with the glamour of amazingly luxurious fabrics. Linens will be at the forefront of the collection, but cashmeres and silks will also play a strong role. The upcoming seasons will also begin to introduce furniture. While the focus will be upholstery, there will also be a few metal pieces to compliment the look." 
Elisa further explains, "Ayers mission is to represent the highest standards of quality, service and creativity within the luxury lifestyle marketplace. We believe in the invention of design and the curation of talented artists and craftsmen from around the globe."
I am truly impressed with this collection! The pieces are exquisite and I cannot wait for the opportunity to use them on an upcoming project!  More to come....         -Michelle
*Product descriptions and photography provided by Ayers International, LLC

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