Friday, October 15, 2010

Emily Gilbert Behind The Lens...

Raised by the influence of two artist teachers, Emily Gilbert grew up in a creatively rich environment. Home was an old blue farmhouse in northern N.J. that Emily lovingly refers to as her, overloaded prop shop where her journey into multi-mediums began. Beyond her artfully honed childhood, Emily explores sculpture to graphic design while attending college, ultimately receiving a Degree from NYU in experimental theatre. Emily then went on to intern with the renowned Julie Taymor, Director of “The Lion King” and “Frida.” As a result, Julie introduces her to the world of film and television which led Emily to life as a Set Dresser and Prop Stylist. Although grateful for the opportunities afforded her, Emily found herself searching for professional stability and consistency. Little did she know that the advice of a family member would soon take her back to a birthday gift she received in high school…“Emiliy, you should be a photographer!” Those words resonated with Emily and now she is capturing her various interests and fascinations with the lens of a camera. Her passion for interior and exterior environments coupled with a history as a Set Dresser naturally evolved into the art of Interior and Architectural photography.

How I love a planked ceiling, especially with this stunning light fixture dancing below it. This space is so inviting with a sofa that's easy to climb into!

White on white and easy on the eyes!

Al fresco is always a lovely option, especially when the space looks like this!
A room with a view and a palette that brings the outside in!

Photographing spaces for Elle Décor would be Emily's short term editorial goal. As a long term goal she dreams of traveling the globe with a writer to create a page turning work of art in the form of a well versed, beautifully photographed coffee book. I personally look forward to making that purchase!

                                                       Symmetry at it's best!
 The beauty of the architecture is perfectly framed in this image.

“Assuming all the structural elements are in place during a shoot and you’re following the laws of exacts, how do you know when the image is right?” Emily responded, “When I’m shooting a room or client it is a real guttural thing…a feeling. Sometimes all I need is a subtle small difference to know its right.”

Love these potted feathers! A lovely autumn accent.
Carved carrera mable! It doesn't get any more luxurious than that...Oh lala...
                Always a dramatic statement in black and white!
Today Emily Gilbert is a successfully New York based Interior and Architectural photographer with an impressive client list. Established and living in Brooklyn, N.Y. Emily Gilbert’s layered experiences will undoubtedly lead her on her global journey and I’m sure Ollie her Boston terrier will be with herJ

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