Friday, October 1, 2010

Phyllis Rea Gorman

In closing the month of September, I wanted to share the photography of Phyllis Rea Gorman. Phyllis’s desire to photograph began with a curious passion to see the unseen. Phyllis will intently focus her lens on the heart of her subjects that are often overlooked or ignored. In her words, “I want to capture the extraordinary out of the ordinary.” Now she is sharing those visual moments with people in galleries throughout New England. Currently her work is being viewed at “The Next Door Gallery” in Mansfield thru December. She is also a member of the Attleboro Museum and South Shore Art Center. In addition to her talent as a photographer, Phyllis Rea Gorman has taught children as an Educator of the written word for close to 40 years. Phyllis’s love for teaching and love of spirit has taught many how to recognize the “extraordinary” and to reach beyond the ordinary. She is truly a lovely human being and I’ll forever be grateful for the love of writing and creativity she has gifted both my children.
Hearken back to the recent images of summer. Here are a few of her visual postcards of the season past…

To contact Phyllis and view more from her collection:

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