Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pillow Talk

20 Pillow Inspirations

Breath new life into your space by adding textile gems that make a statement. Pillow options are a great and inexpensive way to revitalize a stale environment, transforming a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Make selections that support the palette without always having to be paired and matched exactly. Mix it up! Create more visual interest and be fearless in giving your home personality. Remember that diversity in texture will heighten the luxury and warm-up your space.

1. Trina Turk Embroidered Shanghai Links Pillow. {via}

2. Bukhara Pillow {via}

3. Hampton Court Embroidered Pillow {via}

4. Z Gallerie Taza Pillow

5. Company C Dianthus Sky Pillow {via}

6. Khwai Black Pillow {via}

7. Quatrefoil Decorative Orchid Pillow {via}

8. Jonathan Adler Positano Chevron Pillow {via}

9. Company C Deco Pillow {via}

10. Bliss Studio Monarch Embroidery Pillow {via}

11. Bliss Studio Kaze Felt Applique Pillow {via}

12. CB2 Felt Stripe Pillow

13-15. These 3 sweet talkers are from Z Gallerie

16. This Anichini pillow has lived at my house for several years. It's my favorite pillow!

17. The lovely Karen Young of "Hammocks and High Tea" is responsible for this beauty. 
The "Linden" pillow in all it's global flair.

18Trina Turk Pillow Embroidered Linen Greek Key {via}

19. Scroll Print Golden Pillow {via}

20. Tile Robins Egg Embroidery {via}

Which one do you like best?

"There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience" - French Proverb


All pillows where sourced from the following:


  1. A woman after my own heart, Michelle. Pillows rock. My favorite from your selection is the. Greek Key motif #18.

  2. Hi Maureen! I love that one too! Always nice to see you on the site:) xo

  3. Excellent ideas for bold, graphic pillows. I think I like all of them!