Saturday, August 13, 2011


Our home is one of the most personal visual statements we can make and I think it's pretty safe to say that most of us want it to be a beautiful representation of who we are and how we live. Regardless of what stage we are at in reaching this aesthetic goal, we can get so caught up in the act of doing and achieving, that we forget to stop and smell the aromatherapy. Let's face it, there is always something to do or tweak when it comes to maintaining our homes. Even if your the most traditional person who avoids updating for trends sake, I can assure you  that a few gallons of paint will still be waiting for you after seven years of daily living.  My point?  Live in the now. Find the time to celebrate the simplest joys and rituals that cost you nothing but time and effort.  Regardless of how overwhelmed you my feel, these are the very moments that we can draw from for strength and perspective. Give yourself  the gift of time for the soul purpose of giving back to you.  Life isn't perfect and the next day is never guaranteed. Let's stop waiting for the "perfect time" or "the perfect space" to appreciate what we already have. Enjoy and create special moments whenever you can. Create a continuum of beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic. Indulge in the small pleasures that feed your spirit.

Yellow Ribbon Wedgewood
One of the ways I take pause, is when I have my daily tea. This particular cup and saucer was given to my by a very dear friend. I can't help but think of her and what she means to me when I use it.


Make the time you spend at the table with loved ones or alone special. Set the table and use your best dishes. Why wait for guest to enjoy your home, when you can celebrate everyday.

Celebrations can be quiet. A calm and soothing focal point can be achieved with the simplest floral arrangement. Just walking by it can be a mood changer.

Revisit a cozy spot in your home, then use it! I love this daybed from Mohr & McPherson.
It's calling me and my favorite book. "A Year In Provence" by Peter Mayle

Use your outdoor spaces if your lucky enough to have one. Dine alfresco and have a staycation.

Take a long bath and recharge.

 Listen to music and elevate your mood. If you get the urge... DANCE!  One of my favorite artist to date is Esperanza Spalding. Beautiful and amazingly talented with musical maturity beyond her years. Music is similar to reading a book, it has the ability to transport you to a different place. In the age of "Slow Home" this is a great way to reduce stress and our carbon foot print:)

Yes, we should strive for beautiful surroundings, they will inevitably enhance the way we live. In the meantime, don't put yourself on hold or wait for your home to be perfect, enjoy it now!  Alone or with friends make the most of ordinary times and turn them into extraordinary moments. You are your homes most valuable asset, realizing this is what makes your home truly beautiful.

"I actually love this thought. It's about surrounding yourself with beauty and not just waiting for "guest company" to do so. It keeps one in a continual state of finding wonderful inspiration..."
                                                                                                        -Regina Garay of Fauxology


Design your life well. Use and surround yourself with all the things you love!

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For additional reading on how to better connect with your space, look for Lift Your Spirits
Jennifer Duchene, the author of  "Le Chic Cocoon"
7 Step To Creating Your Selfish Space. 
Available September 28th 2011.

I cannot wait to read Jennifer's book, she is a genuine talent with an effervescent energy that inspires!

All my best wishes to you Jennifer! XO


  1. Dear Michelle, what a glorious post. There is definitely joy in the small victories and celebrations. Adore the self indulgent rituals you share. I am a proponent of the selfish moment, and the importance of surroundings. i am so thrilled to find a soul sister. We have more to give, when we give generously to ourselves first.
    You have been so incredibly kind. I am touched. Regina Garay is dear to my heart too. I appreciate & honor you.

    Jennifer Duchene

  2. Thank you for your kind words Jennifer, as you must know the feeling is mutual. Sending joyous thoughts your way. xo

  3. What a great post -- and something everyone needs to taken into their heart and really DO. You've inspired me to continue making my home a true cocoon. Speaking of a cocoon, can't wait to read Jennifer Duchene's book, too! Thank you for the inclusion and I look forward to more of your blog!

  4. Thank you so much Regina! The feeling is mutual. I feel very fortunate to be connected with such great women like yourself and Jennifer. It's such a pleasure and honor to have you visit and share your comments. I appreciate it and look forward to sharing future thoughts. xoxo