Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vintage at #Brimfield 2012

Sunshine or rain the loyal dealers setup camp and await the thousands of walkers looking for that special item at Brimfield. When you think Brimfield you think history & antiques...treasures with a past. Here are a few things I found on my morning walk.
This year I saw so many linens, old and new. These vintage pieces were gently used with hints of red in many different patterns. 
Toile, plaid and check patterns were plentiful and reminded me of country living.

Reproductions with a feeling of France seem to be everywhere.
I get the feeling that this cabinets prior home may have been a general store.
Vintage tableware fit for a rustic meal on the countryside perhaps.
Just in case you get lost there are many Brimfield signs to keep you moving. The direction is up to you.

Tired? I found this old camp equipped with all you need to recharge.
Time to go? Row, row, row your boat all the way home...

To all the wonderful moms who have the hardest jobs on the planet.


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